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Actuarial Valuations

We work closely with our clients to help them understand the liabilities and risks arising from their gratuity and/or pension schemes. We help them meet regulatory requirements, and develop strategies to manage and mitigate risks

Actuarial valuations of Retirement Schemes:

  • Determining the financial position.This can be accounting valuations for disclosure in the companies accounts (in accordance with IAS 19) or funding valuations to enable the long-term economic management of the Gratuity or Pension Fund
  • Determining the contribution requirements, and developing funding strategies to proactively manage solvency, balancing affordability for the sponsoring Company with security of employee benefits
  • Review the investment strategy, to better manage the risks inherent in the assets versus the need to maintain solvency and meet liabilities as they fall due

We also provide actuarial valuation and disclosures relating to leave encashment benefits.

Scheme design and management

We help clients establishing Gratuity and Pension schemes for their employees. We guide clients to an understanding of the costs, benefits and choices involved in delivering retirement provision to employees.

We bring our knowledge of how the world’s best-managed retirement schemes are run, helping clients to consider the essential components of a well run and cost-effective arrangement.

Establishing employee retirement provision:

  • Scheme and benefit structure design.We provide the pros and cons of different arrangements, including actuarial investigations of different approaches. This ensures clients strike the right balance between costs, risks and providing attractive benefits.
  • Legal documentation We have developed easy to adopt templates that ensure compliance with regulation/legislation and provide a practical basis upon which to administer and manage schemes.
  • Governance structure.We develop bespoke governance arrangements that enhance transparency and enable efficient scheme management, reducing costs and burden on the employer.
  • Data and administration.We develop solutions that promote efficiency, minimise operational risks and reduce value leakage.
  • Employee communication.Develop communication strategies and collateral to ensure employees understand and value the benefits provided, thus aiding employee retention.

We also provide a review of existing arrangements, and recommendations on restructuring these to unlock value.

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